Hello, my name is Boris Mossounov.
I am a web developerfreelancerwordpress guru

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Services I provide

WordPress site development from scratch

Usually web-masters approach WP by using paid (or not) themes from ThemeForrest. When I approached WP, I was full-stack PHP developer already. That’s why…

Custom WP Themes & Plugins development

I’m developing custom WP themes & plugins for the last three years. Custom authentication, comments, search engine, seo & social media integration. You name it…

Existing WordPress site optimization

Sometimes you have a site.
Looks great, works slow. I know how to find and fix those bottlenecks. I’ve built a few tools fighting for milliseconds…

WordPress Expert Consultations

WP is tricky. Easy to start, but hard to master. Stuck with unpredictable and not documented behaviour? Have doubts about WP abilites?
Go on, ping me.

3rd Party API Integration

Payment gateways like Paypal or Braintree? Mailing services like Mailchimp or Aweber?
Maps? Social Media? Pfff…
Bring it on!

Custom Data-Scrappers Development

Some old-school site with no API at all contains data that you need on your site?
We can play around with that.

Some facts

I’m 33 years old. I began coding 25 years ago. Doing it professionally & passionately last 11 years.
Freelancing last 4 years.

My first computer was ZX-Spectrum hand-made by my father. It had 48 kb RAM and loaded programs from stereo-cassette player.

Once I found some early publications of Sergey Brin & Larry Page and developed my own home-made google with crawlers, parsers, indexers, sorters and pagerank. Shitload of hours. Hellova project for fun…

Since I updated my LinkedIn profile and reached ‘All-Star’ profile strength, HR-Recruiters are knocking my door at least once a day. Most of them are ‘femme fatale’ according to profile photo.

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