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Cyril came to me by recommendation of Dima – frontman of local front-end dev community. Cyril planned to create paid subscription service that will be sending unique custom t-shirts to apple fans each two months. However…
…the company that initially promised to make the site did absolutely nothing.
domino The site itself was not that difficult to build. Just a WordPress with some paid theme from ThemeForest. But we had to receive payments from credit cards. And we needed some membership area for the user to adjust payment details and t-shirt size. So what were the challenges we met here? We had to accept credit cards but it is pretty insecure to store them somewhere in WordPress. So we needed to integrate with some payment gateway and use it as a storage for the sensitive data. Initially we planned to use PayPal and made quite a progress towards integration with it. However at some point it turned out that PayPal works only with US companies under it’s PayPal Payments Pro program. So Paypal declined our application and we had to find some other payment gateway. In a while Cyril found Braintree – Paypal Company. braintree Braintree fitted perfectly. It is faster and less buggy than PayPal. It has well-documented API for all major platforms. What’s important, it provides a nice JS library that allowed to encrypt securely all sensitive data on front-end before sending it to backend. As a result I managed to implement custom «join» workflow with billing details acquisition in a form of WP shortcode widget that can be paced virtually anywhere on the site. I also made it possible to create several join forms tied to different subscription plans (like Gold, Silver, Bronze) to implement different marketing scenarios. And of course I developed nice Membership area with ability to adjust all the billing & shipment details, shirt size and access some members-only blog. A-shirt.club What was nice about this project
  • Got invaluable experience with payment gateways – PayPal & Braintree
  • Got nice experience with AngualrJS.
  • Alongside with this project I performed total refactoring of my ZF-Core framework. Or should I say rewrote it almost from the ground up. Quite a story, worth a separate post.
What was not so nice about this project
  • Deadline shifted for at least two weeks, but since we had to change a payment gateway that was ok for customer.
P.S. And here’s a little something I got from Cyril (clickable):

Cyril Pavillard

Founder of A-Shirt.club

It was great to work with Boris, he communicates well, seeks to understand the requirements and delivers to task. Boris has strong subject knowlegde and strifes to ensure the client understands his development methodology. would highly recommend.