Simple PSD2HTML Landing page job
Nastya, a friend of mine and a co-founder of Imaguru Startup Hub approached me and asked me If I could do a simple PSD2HTML job and develop landing page for the upcoming World Entrepreneurship Week event. Usually it’s against my rules to work on weekends and to work for friends. However Nastya helped me a lot though she always could just turn around and walk away. So I decided to return a favor. What was nice
  • Made a nice responsive Landing Page.
  • First touched angular.js, though failed to use it in angular way – without jQuery crutch.
  • Finally began using Yeoman + Grunt + Bower stack in my development process
What was not so nice
  • Unfortunately it turned out that I made not the last version of that page. So in a while after I delivered my product to the customer, the event agenda changed and customer decided to change page content without my help and broke responsive markup. So now page looks bit broken on mobile devices. Here’s the original version and here’s the customer version

Nastia Khamiankova

Bel.Biz, IMAGURU Startup Hub

Awesome work ethic - does what it takes to get the job done in the allotted time. If the project is time sensitive, Boris is your man. I will absolutely be requesting his services in the future as my business grows.