Magna Carta College CRM

College Custom Admission CRM
That was my first project with Magna Carta College. Oh I loved that customer. My first job was to refactor college admission form. The old version was made with some Joomla plugin. The main problem was that there were no data input validation. Second one was that all the captured info was stored in varchar data fields in database. As a result no one could say for sure whether date 10.11.12 stored as string is the 10th of November or 11th of October. So I began to refactor admissions form, then it came to db refactoring. Step by step, and just look at me implementing some simple CRM. In the end I implemented simple CRM in a form of single page web application. It was a temporary solution. But as far as I know the customer used it for at least one year. What was good about that project
  • First hands-on experience with Backbone.js
  • Began working with history API
  • Created nice admission form wizard with sophisticated form validation.
  • Created single-page web-application.
  • Refactored db, that came in handy when the next more scalable version of that CRM were developed by some other developer team.
  • The customer trusted me fully, so no bureaucracy like technical proposals and stuff.
What was not so good
  • Chaotic management, «We need it yesterday» style.

Vadim Titov

CTO of Magna Carta College Oxford

Awesome work ethic - does what it takes to get the job done in the allotted time. If the project is time sensitive, Boris is your man. I will absolutely be requesting his services in the future as my business grows.