Website of the year, twice.
I’ve been working with Magna Carta College for a while by that time doing simple CRM for them.
One Thursday they asked if I could urgently develop a site… by the Monday. Cannot say I was eager to work on weekend.
However they made a generous bonus offer for this urgent overtime. Send the PSD mockups, I said.
ill-try-compressed By the Monday evening they had a site. Not 100% ready, but working. In fact, we were improving that site for the next half year. But the core of it was done from the scratch in 30 hours. The funniest part was that client omitted that fact the site was going participate in Website of the Year Contest. Not only it participated. It won the contest in one of the categories. Two years in a row. What was good about that site
  • 30 hours marathon proved that a nice site can be developed quickly if needed
  • My first adaptive site (with mobile version).
  • Got prestigious awards two years in a row.
Not so good
  • In terms of money that 30 hours hit my hourly rate record, but I was so tired after that marathon that had to have some continuous rest. In the end I realized that could earn the same amount of money without that marathon (overdoing) & rest (doing nothing).
Heads up: Unfortunately due to some reasons the web-site is not accessible from time to time on it’s main address, so for you to avoid that disappointment I’ve uploaded mirror site to my own server, so it can be accessed at

Vadim Titov

CTO of Magna Carta College Oxford

Awesome work ethic - does what it takes to get the job done in the allotted time. If the project is time sensitive, Boris is your man. I will absolutely be requesting his services in the future as my business grows.