Consulting & «finishing touches» project
My first oDesk project. Though it initially seemed to be PSD2HTML job but later on turned out to be «finishing-polishing touches» project. Some web developer made a simple 5-6 pages site for my customer. But the customer somehow got disappointed with that developer. So he approached me to right all wrongs, put everything together and finish the project. Here’s the shortlist what I’ve done:
  • consulted customer on technological issues and next steps towards next phase of the project.
  • fixed responsive design throughout all pages
  • ensured style consistency throughout the whole site
  • embedded twitter & Facebook feeds on the main page
  • embedded MailChimp, ZenDesk, InviteBox and WisePops
  • implemented ajax-enabled contact form with simple input validation.
  • the cherry on top: added heartbeat animation to logo during ajax-requests. Since the site is health and fitness oriented that looked a nice.

Richard Harding

Founder of

It was great to work with Boris, he communicates well, seeks to understand the requirements and delivers to task. Boris has strong subject knowlegde and strifes to ensure the client understands his development methodology. Would highly recommend.