Fix payment gateway problem
Eric found me on oDesk. Cannot say I have a cool profile on oDesk – too little experience on oDesk. Except maybe that «Wordpress: Top 10%» badge. Looks like Eric entrusted that badge and the fact that we share same USSR origin – His parents lived in Lithuania before they moved to USA. The task was to fix payment gateway validation output. OriginVape.com is a e-shop built with wordpress & WooCommerce plugin. When user inputed invalid credit card information payment gateway returned the detailed info on error (e.g. «invalid credit card number» or «credit card is expired») and that error was shown somewhere in admin area to site administrator. However the end-user saw only something like «The error occurred while processing your request». So I had to fix that and pass detailed error message to the end user. That job took me about two hours. A have never worked with WooCommerce before so I had to go down to the rabbit hole of WC to understand how it processes payments. In the end I found some plugin that enabled WC to accept payments from that very payment gateway my customer used. In that plugin I found a typo that was hard to notice. I replaced $result->message with $result->error and everything began to work as intended.
So that’s it, this job was to fix literally one word, a puncture touch, but you need to have some experience and methodology to find it behind all those WP hooks, filters and actions.
What was nice
  • Got in touch with WooCommerce
  • My custom WP Hooks analyzer came in handy
  • Did the job fixing just one word.
What was not so nice
  • The customer had to wait till I get some time for his request because I was busy with other primary project.

Eric Rubin

Awesome work ethic - does what it takes to get the job done in the allotted time. If the project is time sensitive, Boris is your man. I will absolutely be requesting his services in the future as my business grows.