United Football League Official
My services were recommended to Yuri Kukota by local startup community frontman Konstantin Zhuravskiy. Yuri needed WordPress Guru who could help to develop WordPress site in the form of single-page web-application. By that I mean that when an internal link on the site is clicked only content is being loaded using ajax request without whole page reload.
When I heard the task description I said «Look no further! I have all you need».
The thing is, developing WP sites for couple of years by that time, I developed my own framework called «ZF-Core», that allowed to build WP sites in OOP / MVC way. And one of it’s features from the very beginning was the ability to output backend response without header and footer (content only) by prepending /api/ prefix to any url request processed by my framework. So, what we had to do is to build a site on top of my framework and implement simple JS-logic for all the internal links that instead of following the link itself performed ajax request for content by prepending /api/ prefix to the link. ufleague.com This project was the first time in my freelancing career when I was cooperating with other freelancers. My part was only to provide a platform (ZF-Core), create all the needed files-and-folders structure for the custom theme, put some initial html markup there, and tell other members of the project where to put different pieces of code in order for everything to work perfectly. What was nice
  • First freelancing experience of teamwork was successful. Made friends with teammates.
  • Used GitHub web hooks for deployment – first experience.
  • My estimation was pretty precise here, and the team delivered project on time.
  • My custom search engine plugin fitted just nicely
  • Consulting was half of the billed time here.
What was not so nice
  • Usage of GitHub web hooks was implemented exploiting security vulnerable PHP exec() function. This approach is fine (still risky though) for development only, need to find some more reliable approach for production.
  • The process of ZF-Core deployment is a turned out to be little complicated for my teammates, got to improve it. The management was pretty chaotic.

Vladimir Stolyarov

Front-End developer at UFLeague.com

I enjoyed working with Boris in our common ufleague.com football project. Boris has excellent knowledge in Wordpress, and other web-related technologies. Framework, which he made by himself, helped us to develop web-site quickly, which was one of the project's constraints, and at the same time, keep the good quality of code. Moreover, all the project communications with Boris were always clear and efficient, so I can definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a good web-developer.