Work With Me

My primary super-power is custom WordPress development.


To keep it simple I do to WP sites what “Pimp My Ride” does to cars.
I pimp WordPress rides sites.

Or create brand new ones.

Or consult how to.

To improve performance and security of existing WP site I throw away all the shitty 3rd party plugins and replace it with my shiny custom plugins.


I have a set of my own production-ready WP plugins and solutions and I do develop custom solutions according to customer’s needs.

I optimize the code of your WP-theme so the site loads faster.

I move your site from shitty expensive shared hosting to a cheaper and faster dedicated server.

Here are the reasons to hire me:

  • I’m a 10.000+ hours experienced full stack web developer.
  • I do automate boring stuff. So in the end I save lot’s of time and your money.
  • I speak English. Since I’m 10. My customers and I never have any communication problems.
  • I’m honest. I bill only worked hours. Never round 2 hours up to 8 hours.
  • I’m at your best interest. I’m interested in your success with my help.
  • I’m a problem solver. I’m interested in solving problems in most efficient and secure way, not the most expensive.
  • You can always reach me. Unlike other freelancers I never disappear, even if things are not going too well I’ll give you update on the progress.
  • I’m focused. I do not take more then two customer projects at a time to stay focused. And try my best to avoid even 2 projects at a time to stay focused on only one customer.
  • I’m evolving. I learn a lot and regularly take time-outs to sharpen my skills.
  • I’m well equipped. I use best software and hardware money can buy.

However those pleasantries come at a price:

  • Customers pay for all my time, project discussions included. If we come to agreement, initial discussion is paid as well.
  • If we work for the first time and without any UpWork money protection, money upfront!
  • I do not work on weekends. If you insist, prepare to pay 3X-5X my regular rate.

Go on, see my Portfolio Check out my solutions Let’s work together

But sometimes my super-powers are not enough…

I’m no graphical designer, so I’m always eager to cooperate with super-hero designer, so if you are the one, write me a note.

I’m a super-hero designer, let’s work together!

There’s always more job to be done than I can handle, so I wouldn’t mind cooperate with other Front-End / WordPress developers. We can team up, or I can forward some customers to you if you prove to be a reliable fellow-developer.

I’m WP/Front-End developer, let’s work together!